Energy Efficiency

Smart Energy Management for lower energy bills

Energy bills keep getting higher and higher year over year. That makes it very logical to look to ways to reduce energy bills. One way to reduce your energy cost is by investing in solar energy. But that is not the only way. Sometimes it is better to look at ways to reduce the energy you consume on a day tot day basis. Viewed from this angle we research how energy efficient your home, your office or your factory is.

The first step is to aggregrate how much energy each electronic powered device, that is connect to an outlet, consumes. Big parts of the energy usage is usually made up of lighting, AC, swimmingpool pumps and industrial equipment.

And the second step is to look which electronic powered device uses the most energy and could be replaced by a more electric efficient alternative and that offers a quick return of investment.

And the last step is to look which devices could be used smarter. That means that for example you connect sensors with lighting, so that lighting in a room is only on when somebody is there.

In these three steps we helped customers reduce their energy bills by thousand of dollars a year. Interested in what we can do for you? Get a consultation.

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