Used Golf Carts

Buy reliable and durable used golf carts with peace of mind

We have both used electric golf carts and used gasoline golf carts for sale

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Our products and services are used by the best hospitality companies in the Dominican Republic. 

Why Buy Used Golf Carts from Eco Planeta?

Warranty Used Golf Carts

Minimum 6 months of Warranty

All our Used Electric Golf Carts of a minimum of 6 month of Warranty. You get even more warranty if the golf cart is less than two years old. This helps you buy used golf carts with peace of mind. 

And in the rare cases something is wrong with your golf carts, we can help warranty issues very fast.

We have an experienced team of technicians and the biggest spare part inventory in the Dominican Republic.

Used Golf Cart Best Prices

Best Prices

We seen at a lot of times, people buying a refurbished Club Car or an E-Z-GO that is 6 years or older.

Sometimes you cannot even know the manufacturing date, because the golf cart lost its manufacturing information. 

The vehicle looks nice, new features and new spare parts. but then you see the prices.

You see prices very close to prices of new golf carts.

We don’t recommend you buying old golf carts for almost new prices. Instead buy a used golf cart from Eco Planeta. In many cases our golf carts are semi new.

Used golf carts from Eco Planeta are cheaper and much newer.

That means lower maintenance costs down the line. And a higher resell value!

Broad Selection of Used Golf Carts

A lot of options

We have a lot of options to choose from. We have the biggest and newest Golf Cart Rental fleet in the Dominican Republic. That means that you have a lot of options: Used golf carts from different years, different models and different colors.

And you can choose between used electric golf carts (lithium or lead acid) and used gasoline golf carts. 

And if you made your choice which used golf cart you want, you have a lot of options to customize it. You can choose different wheels and tires, add music boxes, add led lights or change the body color.

We have the biggest workshop and warehouse dedicated to golf carts in the Dominican Republic. So we have everything in house to make your used golf carts as unique as possible. 

Maintenance History of Used Golf Carts

We know what we sell

Almost golf carts that we sell, we have maintenend ourselves. And we track every part that we change in our ERP system. That means we have a complete maintenance history of almost each golf cart.

So when we say we know what we sell, we really mean it. And that is way that you have at a minimum 6 year warranty. 

Used Electric Golf Carts

Used ECO Cross 2+2 Orange
Used ECO Sport 2+2 Dark Blue
Used ECO Track 4+2 Dark Blue

Our inventory is always moving fast. Contact us for our current inventory.

Used Gasoline Golf Carts

Used Yamaha Drive2 PTV White
Used Yamaha Concierge 4+2 Bluestone
Used Yamaha Concierge 4+2 Orange

Our inventory is always moving fast. Contact us for our current inventory.

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