If you want to transport your golf cart safely with a trailer or a RV, it is very important to know how much a golf cart weighs.

You don’t want to exceed the weight capacity of your trailer, RV or pickup and you don’t want to get stuck somewhere, because you exceeded the towing limit of your pickup.

Always check the exact weight of your specific golf cart model, because the variation between golf carts can be relatively big.

This overview will show how much each specific golf cart model weighs.

And if you need to know the dimensions of your golf cart, you can use this overview of golf cart dimensions. 

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How much does a Club Car golf cart weigh?

Club Car Precedent


Model Total Weight (LB)
Precedent i2 Electric 909
Precedent i2 Gasoline with E.F.I 651
Precedent i2 Stretch Electric 1176

Club Car Tempo

How much does a E-Z-GO golf cart weigh?


Model Dry Weight (LB) Curb Weight (LB)
E-Z-GO TXT Electric 577 943
E-Z-GO TXT Gas 723 739


Model Dry Weight (LB) Curb Weight (LB)
E-Z-GO RXV EX1 Gas 676 692
E-Z-GO RXV Elite Lithium 605 655

E-Z-GO Liberty

Model Dry Weight (LB) Curb Weight (LB)
E-Z-GO Liberty Elite Lithium 914 960
E-Z-GO Liberty LSV Elite Lithium 966 1040

E-Z-GO Valor

Model Dry Weight (LB) Curb Weight (LB)
E-Z-GO Valor 6 994 1322
E-Z-GO Valor EX1 Gas 676 692
E-Z-GO Valor 48 Volt Electric 635 935

E-Z-GO Express

How much does a Cushman golf cart weigh?

Cushman Tour LSV

Model Curb Weight (LB)
Cushman Tour LSV 1040

How much does a Yamaha golf cart weigh?

Yamaha Concierge

Yamaha UMAX

How much does a Evolution golf cart weigh?

Evolution D3

Model Curb Weight (LB)
Evolution D3 1168
Evolution D3 Lifted 1279

Evolution D5

How much does a ECO golf cart weigh?

ECO Cross

Model Net Weight (KG)
ECO Cross 2+2 585 
ECO Cross 4+2 670

ECO Track

Model Net Weight (KG)
ECO Track 2+2 610
ECO Track 4+2 683

How much does a STAR golf cart weigh?

STAR Sirius

STAR Capella

How much does a Atlas golf cart weigh?

Model Curb Weight (LB)
Atlas 2 passenger 1036
Atlas 4 passenger 1141
Atlas 4 passenger Lifted 1197

How much does a Kandi golf cart weigh?

How much does a Tomberlin golf cart weigh?

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