ECO Plus 4+2 Dark Blue Big

ECO Plus 4+2 AC

  • Speed: 38 kph / 24 mph
  • Range: 75 km / 46.6 miles
  • Number of Passengers: 6
  • Colors Available: Dark Green / Dark Blue / Creme White / Dark Red / Black / Sky Blue / Ferrari Red / Yellow / Shining White / Champagne
  • Seat Colors Available: Brown / Black

Base Price: $15.900

ECO Plus 4+2 Dark Green

Dark Green

ECO Plus 4+2 Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Key Features

 Aluminium 10″ rims

The Eco Drive comes standard with beautiful silver aluminium 10″ rims.

Roof in body color

No white roof here. Standaard roof color in the same color as the rest of the golf cart.

Dashboard storage

Cupholders, frontbasket and compartments provide lot of storage space.

Foldable back seat

Need to transport luggage? Just fold the back seat back to create more space.

Onboard charger

No need to carry around a charger. Just plug in you golf cart and charging wil start.

Complete lightset

Standaard front and backlight with direction indicators.

Storage front seat

You can store even more items beneath the front seat.

Four wheel discbrakes

Four premium discbrakes on every wheel for optimal breaking.

Extra Factory Options

Foldable windshield

When it is to hot, just fold the windshield the feel the breeze while driving.

Premium Maintenance and repair services

We offer high quality and responsive maintenance and repair services. No matter if you have just one golf cart or a whole fleet. We source our spare parts directly with the manufactures to ensure the lowest prices.


Motor 48V AC
Power 4.0 kW
Battery 8 Volt x 6 units, Trojan T875 batteries
Charger Delt-q onboard charger
Controller Toyota 48M350 controller
Transaxle Continuously variable
Overall Dimension L3520mm x W1200mm x H1800mm
Tread Distance Front:900mm/Rear:1000mm
Netweight (with battery) 565kg
Breaking Distance ≤6m
Turning Radius 4m
Climbing Ability Safe climbing ability: 18%

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