Rental Agreement

1. The person renting the vehicle and signing this agreement is completely responsible for it and for all the damages caused to the vehicle, including the renting cost of the vehicle during the days of its reparation.

2. The vehicle should not be driven within 6 hours after drinking alcohol, no matter the amount.

3. The vehicle should only be driven within the Casa de Campo resort on paved roads and not be used for any kind of competition or to push or tow another vehicle.

4. The vehicle should be used according the instructions and not be overloaded.

5. The electricity to charge the battery is at the expense of the renter. The battery should be charged whenever possible after a ride and according to the instructions provided to the renter.

6. The charger should not be left in the golf car at any moment, except when charging. When charging the customer has to ensure that the charger does not get wet during rainfall. The customer is responsible for any damage or loss of the charger.

7. The vehicle should be returned to the shop (or will be picked up) at the day and hour as mentioned on the agreement. The failure of this condition can result in additional cost. If the customer wishes to extend the rental agreement (when the vehicle is available) (s)he should come to the shop to extend the contract and pay the additional cost.

8. The customer is not allowed to repair any damages on the vehicle or hire somebody to repair them.

9. In case of theft, an accident or fire the customer shall immediately notify Eco Planeta Caribe and the police or security company. The customer should not abandon the vehicle to safe guard it and all its accessories. The customer has the obligation to pay the deposit mentioned in the rental agreement. If the customer is innocent in case of an accident and the other party has an insurance Eco Planeta Caribe will return the money (or the part the renter is entitled to) to the customer as soon as possible. Any failure of this condition will stop all insurance conditions and will make the renter fully liable for all damages and costs.

10. The renter shall return the vehicle to Eco Planeta Caribe in the same condition as received.

11. The renter has the obligation to inform Eco Planeta Caribe directly when he will change to another address.

12. In case of damages caused by not following the rules and regulations mentioned above the renter is liable for the full value of the damage/vehicle.

13. In case of a cancelation of the reservation within the last week before the start date the customer will be charged for 1 day rental cost. Also in case of an early return there is one day charged on top of the days the vehicle has been used.

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