Rental Instructions


Electric Golf Car

1. For charging switch below drivers seat needs to be “OFF” (Golf L doesn’t have switch).

2. Always connect charger first to golf car and then to 110V power outlet.

3. Disconnect always first the 110V power outlet and then the golf car.

4. Charger should not be in contact with rain (water).

5. To drive switch below driver seat should be “ON” (Golf L doesn’t have switch).

6. Charge the batteries every night, also when you have driven only a small distance.

7. Always use the parking brake when you park the golf car.

8. Release the parking brake with the brake pedal or accelerator.

9. Maintain the golf car clean and return it with the battery as full as possible.

10. Call us at +1 809-523-2301 in case of problems

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