One of the first questions golf cart owners ask when they are a first time electric golf cart user: How long does it take to charge a golf cart?

It is a very logical question. If you have a gasoline golf cart you can fill up your gasoline tank in less than 5 minutes.

It can take hours to charge electric golf carts. The charging time of an electric golf carts takes on average between 5 to 10 hours.

But how much time it takes to charge your specific golf cart depends on multiple factors. This article will help you find out what factors affect the charge time of a golf cart.

What Important Factors Affect the Charge Time of a Golf Cart?

Current state of charge (discharge level)

State of Charge Golf Cart Battery

Each electric golf cart usually has a state of charge meter some where on the dashboard that shows the amount of battery voltage left.

The lower your current state of charge is, the longer it takes to charge your golf cart battery to be fully charged. If your battery is completely discharged, it can take more than 10 hours to get fully charged again. So make sure that you always charge the golf cart right after using it, when the battery is low on charge.

Type of golf cart battery

The type of golf cart battery has affect on charging time. Lithium batteries usually charge on average 2 times faster than Lead acid batteries. The chemistry of a lithium ion battery can take a higher rate of current than that of a lead acid battery. So it is always recommended to have lithium golf cart batteries when the golf car is used intensively and needs short charging times.

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Golf Cart battery capacity

Battery capacity is one of the most important factors that effect charge time. Usually 48 volt electric golf carts with six 8V lead acid batteries or AGM have the lowest capacity, so they charge faster than electric golf carts with eight 6V lead acid batteries or AGM.

Electric golf carts with 48 volt lithium batteries have more variation in capacity than lead acid batteries or AGM. Usually the smallest have 105Ah and can go all the way to 210Ah. The same rule applies here, smaller lithium batteries have a faster charging process than bigger ones.

Golf cart battery charger capacity

Golf Cart Charger from Lester

There are a lot of golf cart chargers on the market and one of the differentiating factors is the capacity. For example one of the leading charger brands Lester, has three 48 volt charger options: 650W, 1050W and 1425W. The 1425W fast charger option charges the electric golf cart battery two times faster to full charge than the 650W option. So if your golf car is used frequently in for example a business setting then you need besides lithium batteries with a high capacity, also a golf cart charger with a high capacity to reduce charging time.

Golf cart charger type

To optimally charge your electric golf cart battery it is very important that you use the correct battery charger. There are golf cart battery chargers that are only dedicated to 36V, 48V or 72V. Never use the wrong charger to prevent a dead battery and to always have the optimal charging process.

A lot of chargers have also different parameters dedicated to different types of batteries. For example lead acid batteries use different parameters to charge your golf cart than lithium batteries.

So always check if your battery charger matches your electric golf cart voltage and golf cart battery type. This type of information is usually found in the owner’s manual of the battery chargers.


How long does it take to charge golf cart lead-acid batteries and AGM batteries?

On average it takes 10 to 12 hours to fully charge completely drained lead acid batteries depending on the capacity of charger used.

How long does it take to charge golf cart lithium batteries?

On average it takes 4 to 8 hours to fully charge completely discharged lithium ion batteries golf cart batteries depending on the capacity and charger.


State of Maintenance

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Most electric golf carts still in use have lead acid batteries that need frequent battery maintenance for a long battery life. The state of maintenance and battery health can influence the charging time. Loose cables, damaged cables or filthy battery terminals with dust, rust and corrosion need to be cleaned or replaced to have the optimal charging time. Part of a well maintained golf cart battery is also refilling the distilled water.

Golf carts that have lithium ion batteries, have zero maintenance, so the state of maintenance don’t have a factor on charging time. But do keep in mind that it good practice to check the cable if they are still tight, especially if the golf cart is used intensively.

Batteries age

Older batteries charge usually slower than new batteries. This is especially the case with lead acid batteries. Lead-Acid batteries and AGM batteries you usually need to replace after 1.5 and 3 years depending on usage and climate. The better you maintain your lead acid batteries to longer the battery life.


Weather conditions do not only have effect on the battery life and performance, but also on the actual charging time. During cool conditions a battery takes less time to fully charge, than with conditions where the air temperature is very high. Extreme high temperature can eventually lead to thermal runway and lead to permanent damage the battery.

In the owner’s manual of golf cart batteries and chargers you can find the ideal operating temperatures.

Which electric golf cart charges the fastest?


The electric golf cart that charges the fastest is the golf cart with the highest capacity charger, for example the 1425W battery charger from Lester and has a lithium ion battery pack.

To prevent having the slowest charging golf cart, you should not choose for an electric golf cart with lead-acid batteries or AGM batteries with a battery charger that has the smallest capacity.

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