This list shows an overview of all golf cart battery manufacturers and brands in 2024.

The list also shows which golf cart battery manufacturer manufacturers which type of battery.

Types of battery included in this list are lead acid batteries, AGM and lithium batteries.

We have found in total 28 different manufacturers and the majority are from the United States and China.

Please note that this list is contually updates with new manufacturers.

Golf Cart Battery Manufacturers and Brands

Company Logo Type of Batteries Country
Trojan Battery Company AGM, Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries United States
Leoch Battery AGM China
US Battery AGM, Lead Acid United States
Dakota Lithium Lithium United States
Crown Battery AGM, Lead Acid United States
Roypow Lithium China
Vitech Power Lithium Australia
OSM Lithium China
Tycorun Lithium United States
Improve Lithium China
Polinovel Lithium China
ECO Lithium Battery Lithium China
Nano Intech Lithium South Korea
BSLBatt Lithium China
Bolt Energy USA Lithium United States
Impulse Lithium Lithium United States
Voltrac Lithium Australia
Vatrer Lithium China
Allied Lithium Lithium United States
Epoch Batteries Lithium USA
Li4Power Lithium Dominican Republic
Relion Lithium United States
Big Battery Lithium United States
Continental Battery Systems Lead Acid United States
Club Car Lithium United States
E-Z-GO Lithium United States
Eco Battery Lithium United States
STAR Lithium United States

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