Electric golf carts are more and more used as a second car in the United States and are becoming more popular than gasoline golf carts.

But not all electric golf carts are the same. If you are in the market for a new electric golf cart or you need to replace an old set of batteries, you quickly need to decide which type of golf cart battery you want.

And each type of battery has a different price range, advantages and disadvantages.

Currently the most popular golf cart batteries are: Lead Acid batteries, AGM batteries and Lithium batteries.

This article will show how much each type of golf cart battery costs and what advantages and disadvantages each type has.

Lead acid batteries

Lead acid batteries are the most popular batteries used with electric golf carts. Most golf cart brands and manufacturers offer lead acid as a standard electric option like for example Yamaha.

One important factor for this is the fact that lead acid batteries have the lowest prices in comparison to the other battery types.

And another factor is that lead acid batteries are readily available. From big retailers to small golf cart dealers, they all offer lead acid batteries from stock. That makes them easy replaceable, by yourself or a technician from a dealer.

There are also a lot of lead acid battery manufacturers that specialize in golf carts. The biggest manufacturers are Trojan Battery Company, US Batteries and Crown Battery.

All three manufacturers, like almost all lead acid battery manufacturers, offer 6V, 8V and 12V batteries that can be used in 36V, 48V and 72V golf carts. Most electric golf carts are 48V.

It is important to note that lead acid batteries do need regular maintenance. You have to keep the batteries clean and make sure that the water level of the battery is kept at the recommended level.

Otherwise you have to replace your battery relatively fast or you get a lot of rust in the battery compartment.

From all battery types lead acid batteries have the shortest lifespan. Usually up to 500 cycles. But lead acid batteries are probably also one of the most recyclable battery types, because 80% of a battery can be re-used to make new lead acid batteries.

How much do lead acid batteries cost?

6V lead acid batteries usually cost around 250 USD per battery. 8V lead acid batteries usually cost around 270 USD per battery. And 12V lead acid batteries cost around 400 USD per battery.

The total replacement cost for a 48V golf cart battery with 8 X 6V lead acid batteries is around 1500 USD. And the replacement cost for 6 X 8V lead acid battery set is around 1620 USD. And finally, the replacement cost for 4 X 12V lead acid batteries cost around 1600 USD per set. 

Depending how well you maintain your lead acid battery set, usage and climate, you have to replace them every 2 to 4 years.

AGM batteries

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Matt. AGM batteries are essentially an improved version of lead acid batteries that are zero maintenance. 

That makes them also more expensive than regular lead acid batteries. But AGM batteries last longer than lead acid batteries

Some golf cart manufacturers also offer AGM batteries as a standard option, like for example Yamaha

Big AGM battery manufacturers are Trojan Battery Company, US Batteries and Leoch Battery. Like lead acid batteries, AGM batteries are available in 6V, 8V and 12V battery formats. 

How much do lead AGM batteries cost?

6V AGM batteries cost around 360 USD. 8V AGM batteries cost around 460 USD per battery. And 12V AGM batteries you can buy for around 540 USD.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are becoming more and more popular and for good reasons. They are still more expensive than Lead Acid batteries and AGM batteries, but they have become much cheaper than before. 

But lithium batteries have the advantage that they last much longer than both lead acid and AGM batteries. Up to 3 times longer. 

Lithium batteries also have much longer range than AGM and Lead acid batteries. This makes the range gap with gasoline golf carts much smaller. Especially if you choose the biggest lithium packs that have 210 Ah, like STAR offers.    

If you compare charging speeds of lithium batteries with for example lead acid batteries, lithium batteries can charge up to 2 times as fast (depending battery pack size and charger capacity). 

And the final advantage of Lithium batteries is that they have zero maintenance, like AGM batteries. 

All big manufacturers, like Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha offer electric golf carts with lithium packs as an option. 

Popular lithium golf cart manufacturers are Dakota Lithium, Roypow and Relion Battery.  

How much do lithium batteries cost?

A 48V lithium battery with 105Ah costs around 2500 USD. The price of a 48V lithium battery with 160Ah is around 3500 USD. And the cost of the biggest 48V lithium battery pack, 210Ah, is around 5200 USD.

Purchase Golf Cart Batteries

Eco Planeta offers lead acid batteries from Trojan and lithium batteries from our own brand Li4Power. Our lithium batteries have a 5 year warranty. We have experienced technicians that can replace your batteries or convert your golf cart from lead acid to lithium batteries.

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